What to pack for your desert trip?

It all depends on what time of the year you are travelling.

From April to September the weather is warm during days and nights and it is not necessary with warm clothes.

From October/November to February/March the evenings and nights are colder and you need long-armed sweater and jacket and trousers/jogging pants. Bring some warm wool for nights in December, January and February.

Use warm clothes for the trip over the Atlas mountains during the winter months.

Here is a list of useful things to pack:

  • Sunglasses, sunscreen, hat/cap to protect head from sun (traditional nomad turbans can be bought)
  • Loose and comfortable clothes, t-shirts, shorts. Sweater, fleece, jacket, trousers for evenings – adjusted to time of year
  • Swimwear for swimming in the hotel pool (if any) on the way to the desert
  • Sandals, slippers, sneakers, comfortable shoes
  • Sand tight plastic bags for your camera – in case of wind
  • Shower towel
  • Antibac, paper napkins, toiletries, own medicines

The sleeping tents in the desert camps are equipped with comfortable beds with sheets and blankets.

The Desert Candles camp in Erg Chegaga has lights inside and outside the tents and a wall-to-wall carpet on the floors. It is possible to charge your mobile and camera in the restaurant tent.