Weather, clothing and culture etc.

Weather and climate

The country has a Mediterranean climate. It gets colder in the inland and the mountains during winter time. Click here to see average temperatures and best time to travel to Morocco.

How to dress

Morocco is a Muslim country so it is recommended to dress in a decent manner. Cities are less strict than rural areas. If you want to avoid unwanted attention you should cover your shoulders and thighs. Loose clothes are also good. It is not necessary for women to cover the hair .


Alcohol is not served on local cafees and restaurants, but can be bought in typical tourist restaurants and hotels and riads. Big cities have some shops where you can buy alcohol.


Morocco has many different ethnic groups and is rich on culture. The country is divided into regions and each region has its own cultural distintivness and heritage. Most Moroccans are Sunni-Muslims and the majority of the population originates from Berber. Today Morocco is considered to be the least Arabic of Arabic countries.

The mentality of Moroccans are quite easy-going and laidback. A very common expression is «Inchallah» which means «if God is willing». This expression is used very often. Lets meet later? – Inchallah. Is the bus delayed? – Inchallah. Will you come back to Morocco? – Inchallah.


The official language is Arabic (Moroccan Arabic) and the unofficial second language is French. French is learned by everybody in school and is the primary language in trade and economics.

In North Morocco the second language is Spanish. English is behind French and Spanish, but is quickly starting to become more and more common. Especially in big cities and among educated young people.

Around 40% of the population speaks Berber and Berber again has 3 different dialects (Tarifit, Tashelhivt and Tamazigt).