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About Fes

Fes is the medieval capital of Morocco. It was founded in 789 and is a holy Islamic city. Fes is the best-preserved old city in the Arab world with buildings like Medersas, Palaces, Mosques, Fountains and Fondouks. The labyrinthine medina of Fes el-Bali is listed on UNESCO and is believed to be the world’s largest car-free urban zone. Here the goods are transported by donkeys, mules and handcarts.

Visiting Fes is like stepping back in time. The Medersa Al-Attarine, Nejjarine Fountain, Medersa Bou Inania and the Tanneries are among sites to see in Fes.

The University of al-Qarawiyyin is cited by UNESCO and Guiness World Records as the oldest university or oldest continually operating higher learning institution in the world. It was founded as a mosque in 857 – 859 by a Moroccan woman; Fatima al-Fihri, and became one of the leading spiritual and educational centers of the Islamic Golden Age.