Travel conditions

Our trips are subject to the Norwegian law for package trips and travel guarantee «Lov om pakkereiser og reisegaranti». The travel conditions are an agreement between the traveller as client and Desert Candles as tour operator. The conditions regulates the rights and duties of the two parties.

It is expected that the traveller reads the travel conditions.

Booking and payment terms

You may book our trips on our website or by sending us an email.

The travel agreement is in effect when the booking is confirmed and the deposit is paid. Desert Candles will send an invoice with a deposit which is due after 10 days and with the final amount which is due 35 days before departure date, see due dates on the invoice.


The agreement consists of the booked and confirmed trip and the final itinerary. Otherwise our general terms and conditions will apply.

Subject to changes

The price of the trip can be changed due to major changes in the exchange rate which is used to calculate our prices. If the price changes, we shall notify the client no later then the 20 days prior to departure. A rise of more then 10% gives the client a right to cancel the trip without any costs.

Travel insurance and cancellation cover

All travellers must have travel insurance. The traveller is responsible for purchasing the necessary travel insurance to cover loss/damage to travel goods etc or expenses connected to accident/illness.

In addition it is recommended to have a cancellation cover which covers events as sudden and serious illness to yourself or someone in the immediate family, to someone you travel with, or other unexpected and serious events. These events can be such as fire or water damage to your property.

If the traveller is aware of any events that can give the right to cancellation, he or she must notify Desert Candles immediately and also notify the insurance company and follow their rules.

Cancellation or transfer of the trip

Force Majeure

The traveller has the right to cancel the trip and receive a full refund in the events of war acts, natural disasters, dangerous contageous diseases or other equated events if they occur on the travel destination or destinations nearby, or along the travel route.

Cancellation Policy

If the traveller wishes to cancel the trip, the cancellation shall be sent by email to Desert Candles.

The following rules apply for cancellation:

  • Cancellation later then 30 days prior to departure; the deposit is kept by Desert Candles
  • Cancellation 24 – 15 days prior to departure; 50% of the price is kept by Desert Candles
  • Cancellation later then 14 days prior to departure or if the traveller does not show up; 100% of the price is kept by Desert Candles
  • If the trip is booked close to departure date; the terms for payment is agreed in each case

Transfer of trip

The client has the right to transfer the agreed trip to another person who fulfills all the necessary conditions for participating in the trip. The client shall notify this to Desert Candles within reasonable time before the trips starts. The transferor client and the new traveller are jointly liable for payments.

The responsibilities of Desert Candles

Desert Candles shall manage and deliver the trip according to the agreement with the traveller.

If the trips needs to be changed due to any unforeseen events, Desert Candles shall, within reasonably degree, make sure that the changes are as convient as possible for the traveller.

If the traveller have a complaint or problem with the trip, they must promptly notify the Desert Candles’ representative, so that they can attempt to remedy the situation.

The responsibilities of the traveller

The traveller is obliged to:

  • Read these travel conditions and Desert Candles’ conditions published on the website and the agreed itinerary
  • Check that the travel documents are according to name and booking. Bring necessary travel documents and valid passport on the trip
  • Pay the agreed compensation within the fixed time limits
  • Give relevant information to Desert Candles which have a significant affect for conducting the trip
  • Complaints; give notice within reasonable time if the traveller discovers a shortage or problem. If the shortage or problem is discovered after the trip started, the traveller shall promptly notify Desert Candles’ representative. If the shortage or problem must be fixed after the trip is finished, the complaint shall be in written and sent no later than 4 weeks after the trip is finished, unless particular circumstances give the right to extend the deadline.
  • follow Desert Candles’ conditions as they are presented prior to the agreement, follow hotels’ and other part suppliers’ rules, transporters’ rules and local laws. Further, the traveller shall follow directions from Desert Candles regarding departure times and departure places, and directions given in cases of unforeseen events. The traveller shall behave in a considerate way towards fellow travellers.


Any disputes arising between the two parties can be brought to «Reklamasjonsnemda for Pakkereiser» or other dispute organs in Norway.

General terms

The trips on our website is considered to be general and not final. All trips can be adjusted according to the traveller’s wishes and we can tailormake your trips.

Desert Candles reserves the right to update and/or alter these travel conditions. It is the travellers’ responsibility to be familiar with the current conditions. The latest conditions can be found on the Desert Candles’ website.