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Tour operator with trips in the magical kingdom of Morocco

Experience warm hospitality, ancient history, rich culture and majestic nature in this contrasting country.

Join us for a Moroccan Adventure.


3 Days Desert Tour from Marrakech to Erg Chigaga dunes

Highlights: Crossing the highest pass in Atlas Mountains. Visit the most famous kasbah in Morocco, Kasbah Ait Ben Haddou. Drive through Berber villages, oases and Morocco's Hollywood city. Magical desert experience in the biggest sand dunes area of Morocco. Ride camel and try sandboarding. Watch an amazing sunset and a starlit sky beyond compare. Get together with the nomads around the camp fire. Sleep in a nomad tent surrounded by sand dunes and desert silence.

4 Days Desert Tour from Marrakech to Erg Chigaga dunes

4 days is the perfect amount of time to spend on a desert trip to the high dunes. This trip takes you over the Atlas Mountains and North Africa’s highest pass. You visit kasbahs, oases and follow ancient caravan routes. Pass Berber villages and visit the carpet capital of Morocco. The absolute highlight is the desert experience. Off-road driving through different landscapes, camel trekking and sandboarding. Play drums with the nomads and sleep in a nomad tent, surrounded by silence. 

4 Days Luxury Desert Tour from Marrakech to Erg Chigaga luxury desert camp

Experience the desert in a luxurious way. Spend two nights in a beautifully equipped luxury camp with all meals, drinks, camel treks and acitivities included.
We take you over the highest pass in the Atlas Mountains. We visit the most famous Kasbah in Morocco. We pass Berber villages, Morocco’s Hollywood city Ouarzazate, green date valleys, kasbahs and oases and a ceramic village. One night is spent in a guesthouse in Agdz, before we head to the luxury camp in Erg Chigaga desert.

2 Days Desert Tour from M'hamid to Erg Chigaga - Desert Camp

Feel the freedom in the high sand dunes of Erg Chigaga. Enjoy a magical sunset and a spectacular starlit sky without any light pollution Live in a desert camp, surrounded by silence and beautiful dunes. Get to know the nomads and their culture. This is an unforgettable experience!

We have 2 departures from M'hamid El Ghizlane per day:  1st departure at 11:00 / 2nd departure at 14:00.

Price: From EUR 52 per person

Travel blogger “Reiseperler” on a Moroccan Adventure organised by Desert Candles. A round trip from Marrakech to South Morocco, including desert camp in Erg Chigaga.  Start and stop in Marrakech.
Watch the video from traveller Stéphane Hennick and friends: Roadtrip from Marrakech to Erg Chigaga. The tour from M’hamid El Ghizlane to the desert camp in Erg Chigaga was organised by Desert Candles.


My first trip to Marrakesh and not least to Sahara 🌞 🐪 I have been on an adventure beyond compare. Had to pinch myself in the arm every single day. Seen many wonderful places which should only be experienced. The feeling, smells and the whole atmosphere, indescribable. “In love” as we said to each other. Tip top travel guides who fixed and arranged everything for us. I just want to THANK YOU again for letting me experience this, and you are the reason why it was so great Solveig and Abdoul😀 I AM GOING BACK. I wish that everyone could experience the same as I have.
Lisbeth Rasch

I was on a group trip to Marrakech, Essaouira and Desert Candles’ camp in Sahara. It was a great and exciting trip with excellent drivers, guides and hotels. And the camp was super!!!
Siri Hope Nygaard

Thank you, thank you for an adventurous round trip in Morocco. A fascinating country with bustling life in Marrakesh to the quiet and peaceful Sahara. The nomad camp was more different then I expected, with proper beds and shower and toilet, very lovely. And the tasty food, not so different from Norwegian, but cooked in another way. And very nice drivers. This is a trip I can strongly recommend.
Kristi Skare

To be on a trip with Desert Candles was the best travel experience I have ever had. Although I should mention that I have only been on charter trips and a few bus trips to Eastern Europe. So even if I can be easily impressed, I would think that this trip is breathtaking even for people who travel a lot.

The flight to Morocco is not further away than a normal trip to a holiday in the sun. The advantage here is that you have better space, no nasty flight meals and you have free wifi all the way.

At the airport we were picked up in big, comfortable cars. Something we learned later on was a necessity when we were going into the desert.

A riad is a place that you automatically fall in love with and you just long to bring your dear friends and family there. It is like a small inn, with the greatest people in the world working there, and who wish to make your stay completely perfect.

The trip to Sahara is long and exciting. Just enough breaks underway for photo stops and toilet visits.

It is recommended to buy some potato chips and sweets from the kiosks/cafees along the way. Remember to share with you driver too. That creates a very special atmosphere. Remember, the driver is a stranger when you first get into the car, but by the time you arrive to Sahara, he is a good friend.

The camp out there is totally indescribable. Here you meet a small group of people who, before the first evening is over, you feel is your best friends.

The stars are so close, so close. The food here is the best we had on the whole trip. Camel ride, sand climbing, snowboard in the sand, the feeling of peace and quiet is so very unique out here. Campfire, sing-a-long, fellowship with new friends.

Sahara must be experienced and should be experienced via Desert Candles.

I am going back with my man, son, daughter-in-law, grand children and friends. In February 2018 we see you again.

Eva Annette Lintho